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February 19, 2012

Dedication to Self

Friday was my beginning of weekly walks around Greenlake, a local 3 mile path.  It also brought the most rain Seattle had seen in a while.  With my windshield wipers busy pushing endless water back and forth, I imagined asking my walking partner to stay inside our meeting place and drink steaming chai instead of venturing into the weather.  Reminding myself I would be happy when we finished, I continued without calling it off.

A mile from the coffee shop I passed a drenched cyclist kneeling next to her bike, tire off, cell phone at her ear, looking hopeful and confused at a patch kit.  Weighing the safety factor and recalling our recent Hawaiian adventure that required hitchhiking, I u-turned and offered her a ride.

Nicole was on her way to the gym when she got her first flat in the pouring rain.  As we were loading her bike into my hatchback she mentioned her job had become another casualty of our current unemployment market two days prior.  This had inspired her renewed commitment to cycling; Friday was her third day riding to the gym.

Her next comment amazed me “I guess I will be taking my car to the gym today after all.”  Here I was convincing myself to keep my commitment to walk Greenlake, and here she was getting a ride to her warm home after being drenched with a flat, fully dedicated to her health.

Inspiring and such a reminder of how important self care and dedication are.

We must be prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice who we are for who we are capable of becoming.
~ Charles Dubois

With that in mind I thought a few self motivating questions when we hit a setback were in order.  Sometimes the simplest moments of self reflection can be the most potent.

  • How will I feel after I ___________?
  • What does completing ___________ create in my life?
  • How will I feel if I choose to not complete ___________?  Is that in alignment with what I want for myself?

What questions do you ask yourself when you encounter a setback?