Meditation Tips: Engage in the Process

Create an enjoyable space. Before you begin consider the room’s ambiance and adjust the lighting to your activity of choice. Add anything to the space that will enhance your comfort (pillows, music, candles, tea, water, etc.) Most important, if others are home let them know you’ll be taking solo time, when you will be available again, and close the door to distractions. (Especially important with kids.)

Be physically ready. A few minutes before you begin check in with your physical body; Are you satiated? It might be helpful to eat a small snack, drink water, or stretch first.

Let go of time. Set an alarm and resist the urge to check on how much time you have left by focusing on the moment.

Fully engage in the process. Let self judgment go and play with whatever comes up. Allow curiosity to permeate your thoughts.

Take notes. Try keeping a journal, sketch pad, or tape recorder within reach. Record any insights for later processing.

Integration is key. Set aside at least 5 minutes afterwards to allow your thoughts to steep while doing nothing. Yes, nothing at all…

This is yours. It may be helpful to give yourself some processing time before you discuss what you discovered with others. If you don’t feel compelled to share, honor that intuition by trusting yourself to share only with whom, when and if you wish to.


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