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November 27, 2011

Stress relief with the 4 A’s

“Reduce stress” seems to have become a standard prescription from health care practitioners.  While science is still discovering the effects of modern “stress” on the body, studies are consistently implicating long-term health risks.  A Google search of “stress reduction” brings up over 12 million hits.

After reading through a few, I came across a Mayo Clinic article describing practical tools for stress reduction. While each topic could be explored in great depth, I enjoyed the conciseness of this article. I have included a teaser of the four key points below.

Need stress relief? Try the four A’s: Expand your stress management tool kit by mastering these four strategies for coping with stress: avoid, alter, accept and adapt.

Avoid: A lot of needless stress can simply be avoided. Plan ahead, rearrange your surroundings and reap the benefits of a lighter load.  (Just remember: A certain amount of avoidance is healthy, but some problems cannot be overlooked. For those situations, try another technique.)

Alter: One of the most helpful things you can do during times of stress is to take inventory, then attempt to change your situation for the better.

Accept: Sometimes we have no choice but to accept things the way they are.

Adapt: The perception that you can’t cope is actually one of the greatest stressors. That’s why adapting — which often involves changing your standards or expectations — can be most helpful in dealing with stress.

Need stress relief? Try the four A’s by Mayo Clinic Staff from the Mayo Clinic